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It is only through the generous donations of our Fight for Kids supporters that we have been able to assist parents and achieve our many social reforms. We invite you to join us and donate to the cause (all donations are tax-deductible). You can also download and/or distribute our free booklet Psychiatric Drugs & Your Child's Future.

If you are a parent or caregiver who has been pressured or coerced to drug or electroshock your child, or if your child has been abused in a mental health facility, please fill out our Report Abuse link below so we can review your situation and see how we can assist you.

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Donate to support the cause!  It is only through public donations that we are able to achieve our many reforms. All donations are tax-deducible!

Sign the petition to ban ECT on kids

Currently 19 states are using Electroshock treatment on children & teens. Sign the petition to ban the use of electroshock being used on children.

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report abuse & get assistance

If you have been pressured or threatened to drug your child or if your child has been harmed by mental health treatment, please fill out this form.

Report Abuse

download this booklet

Download and distribute our FREE booklet—Psychiatric Drugs & Your Child’s Future, this booklet provides a simple, effective way to help educate others.


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