The mass drugging of Children and what you can do about it

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There are currently 6.7 million children in the U.S. being prescribed psychiatric drugs.

Of those, 447,000 are aged 2-5 years old—that's more than the entire population of Oakland, California.

106,000 are babies aged 0-1.

If you're trying to visualize that number, it's almost enough babies to fill the largest college football stadium in the U.S. (Michigan Stadium, also known as "The Big House.")

The question you're probably asking is how on earth could 106,000 babies be put on powerful mind-altering drugs?

It's a logical question. We believe we have the answer, and with your help, we can do something about it.

CCHR has long suspected that one of the reasons so many young children are prescribed psychiatric drugs, is through Medicaid,  which is state and federal funding for low income families, their children, as well as  foster children. There is a financial incentive for child drugging because of Medicaid, as the states receives funding based on costs incurred for treating children, including with psychotropic drugs.

In order to fully document how many children were being drugged under Medicaid, we began filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for state Medicaid records (FOIA only applies to government agencies). What we have found to date is confirming our suspicions. Consider the number of Medicaid-funded children being drugged in the following states:

  • Georgia                   177,469
  • Pennsylvania         150,250
  • Illinois                       89,797
  • Washington           64,950
  • Iowa                          31,912
  • Idaho                        28,166
  • Utah                          19,602
  • Nevada                     17,303
  • Nebraska                 14,323
  • New Hampshire   14,034
  • Montana                  8,788   

So already, that's over 616,000 children being drugged using taxpayer dollars in just 11 US states.  Of these, more than 73,000 were age 0-5.

With the documents obtained under FOIA, we can make those in positions of power aware that they are using taxpayer dollars for the mass drugging of infants and toddlers, with dangerous and addictive drugs.

The idea of putting vulnerable babies and toddlers on drugs is horrifying.  And with your help we can not only expose this abuse of children, but ensure that those in power do something about it.

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